Recently, businesses have begun to offer what is known as “anycast-as-a-service.” Anycast-as-a-service provides ready-made, instantly-deployable anycast hosting in predefined locations for low-demand customers who still need the performance and reliability offered by anycast networking. Additionally, anycast-as-a-service can be used to quickly expand an existing anycast infrastructure or distribution network with additional locations.

In order to offer anycast-as-a-service, companies must either build and maintain their own high-capacity anycast infrastructure, or work with an infrastructure partner to build a custom platform for their anycast service offerings.

At NetActuate, we partner with many anycast providers who require a flexible, purpose-built, highly available network for all or part of their infrastructure.

In the example below, we show a sample anycast-as-a-service model where a customer’s resources connect with NetActuate’s anycast platform via agent-based or agentless tunnels to form a larger anycast mesh network, delivering anycast-as-a-service to their own customers’ end points.

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