Anycast for Authoritative DNS

Many registrars, enterprise providers, and hosting companies provide authoritative DNS services that host the DNS records for top, second, and third-level domains, as well as deeper subdomains. By anycasting their infrastructure, authoritative DNS providers can provide fast and reliable DNS resolution for their users. Using anycast, recursive lookup requests are resolved by the nearest authoritative DNS server, ensuring the lowest possible latency.

NetActuate’s agnostic global infrastructure helps authoritative DNS providers to deploy their own stack in every major market around the world. Providers can use their own software and applications, without being forced to use any specific DNS service.

Alternatively, authoritative DNS providers can leverage one of NetActuate’s pre-built authoritative DNS options, powered by open source software such as PowerDNS. Together with NetActuate’s anycast platform, authoritative providers can deploy an anycasted global DNS framework quickly and easily, with just one provider for a simple, no-hassle monthly fee. We invite you to get in touch with a solution specialist today to request a quote and learn more.

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