Anycast for Content Delivery Networks

Content delivery network (CDN) providers frequently use anycast to route traffic to their edge servers, providing their end users with fast performance and zero downtime. NetActuate currently partners with a number of CDN providers to provide low-latency, high availability anycast services.

CDN providers use anycast to route users at the network level to the closest available edge server. These edge servers provide users with services that include static content caching, reverse proxy, OTT for streaming media, and/or offloading SSL. NetActuate support clients who use a range of applications to provide these services, including Varnish (with support for VCL) and NGINX.

In the event one location needs to be taken offline for maintenance, upgrades, or even just crashes, users are seamlessly routed to the next, closest available location to ensure maximum availability and uptime. 

Many CDN providers utilize DNS to route users to the optimal content server. For this deployment model, our anycast network routes incoming user requests to the nearest available DNS server, often hosted on our virtual servers for the lowest possible latency.
No matter what your CDN stack is comprised of, our engineers are ready to work with you develop a fast, reliable, and ultra low latency anycast solution. You can also leverage our virtual infrastructure in over 32 locations worldwide to deploy a global CDN solution quickly and affordably. We invite you to get in touch with a solution specialist today to request a quote and learn more.

Latency matters in today’s digital marketplace. Contact a solution specialist today to learn more about our reliable, scalable, and low latency network and infrastructure services.