Anycast for Recursive DNS

Recursive DNS providers are positioned between the end user’s device and authoritative DNS servers, providing the recursion needed resolve domain names requests. These providers program the IP address of their DNS servers directly into their customers’ laptops, computers, tablets, phones, watches, and other devices. Then all the queries the user’s device makes to look up domains on the Internet are sent to the provider’s servers.

By managing every lookup request the end user makes, recursive DNS providers can provide increased security, improved performance, and other services for their end users. Two well-known examples of free, public recursive DNS services are Google’s service and Cloudflare’s service.

Recursive DNS providers can use anycast to improve the speed and reliability of their customers’ Internet browsing experience. By anycasting their infrastructure, these providers can allow all of their customers to configure a single IP address that will reach the nearest recursive DNS server, and seamlessly failover to the next closest server in the event of a location fails or is taken offline.

NetActuate is a trusted anycast and infrastructure provider to a significant number of recursive DNS security and filtering providers. Our anycast services enable millions of end users around the world to safely, securely, and quickly resolve billions of requests every day. We invite you to get in touch with a solution specialist today to request a free quote.

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