Explore the ways you can eliminate downtime and reduce latency with anycast.

Anycast for Performance and High Availability

At the network level, BGP anycast can offer unparalleled low latency performance. With anycast, you can distribute your content, data, and applications to multiple locations, and direct incoming traffic to the nearest one.

Anycast for Recursive DNS

By anycasting their infrastructure, DNS providers can allow all of their customers to configure a single IP address that will reach the geographically closest recursive DNS server, and seamlessly failover to the next closest server in the event of a failure.

Anycast for Authoritative DNS

Authoritative DNS providers can provide fast and reliable DNS resolution for their end users by using anycast. Using anycast, recursive lookup requests are resolved by the nearest authoritative DNS server, ensuring the lowest possible latency.

Anycast for CDNs

Content delivery network (CDN) providers frequently use anycast to route traffic to their edge servers, providing their end users with fast performance and zero downtime.

Anycast for Disaster Recovery

With our anycast technology, if a server at one location goes down for any reason, traffic can be seamlessly rerouted at the network level to a backup site.

Anycast for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

With anycast routing, businesses can ensure all users experience zero downtime and high performance when they access a hybrid and/or multi-cloud infrastructure.

Anycast for Security

Many security providers use anycast to ensure their users experience 100% uptime and fast connectivity when a security layer is added to their connections. Many types of security services utilize anycast to increase performance and eliminate downtime.

Anycast for Overlay Networks

Using just one IP address, remote users around the world can be connected to the overlay network entry point closest to them. Within the overlay network, internal anycast routing minimizes latency from the network edge to datacenter and cloud resources.

Anycast for IPv6

NetActuate’s anycast technology works with both IPv4 and IPv6, and our anycast platform has been IPv6-native since 2008. If you need to deploy an anycast solution, we provide full and direct packet-level access with IPv4, IPv6, or both.


Anycast-as-a-service provides ready-made, instantly-deployable anycast hosting in predefined locations for low-demand customers who still need the performance and reliability offered by anycast networking. Additionally, anycast-as-a-service can be used to quickly expand an existing anycast infrastructure or distribution network with additional locations.

Speed matters in today’s digital marketplace. Make sure you are ready to deliver the uptime, performance, and reliability your customers demand. Leverage our global network of 32 world-class datacenters and over 2,500 peers to deploy a fast, flexible anycast solution today.