is a new website that lets anyone quickly build their own customized search engine.  By signing up for a free account, users can quickly configure and customize their own search engine that can be used to search a predefined list of websites.

Besides just harvesting the power of big search engines, lets users easily customize the look and feel of their search engine.  An easy-to-use AJAX web interface allows users to tailor the search engine’s color scheme and logo to blend in with an existing website.  When it comes to integrating the search engine, a webmaster can either link to it on’s server or use a sample PHP API to include it on a standalone website. is powered by a FreeBSD VPS provided by RootBSD.  “The RootBSD service has been excellent, and the Xen-powered VPS has handled our site’s load very well,” said Diego Montalvo, creator of Buildasearch.