We’ve been working on this for almost a year. Deploying, testing, optimizing, rebuilding…  We’ve had some fun times and a lot of long nights bringing CloudStack to Tranquil Hosting. We have integrated CloudStack with our client portal and ordering system, allowing total control by our clients 24/7/365.  Firing up new Cloud Servers has never been easier. Just login to the client portal, choose which one you want and go. That’s it, no gimmicks, no deciphering strange codes to figure out what specs you will get. Simple, straightforward and fast…

What makes our Cloud Servers different from the other guys?

  • High Availability
    • All of our cloud servers feature our lighting fast network storage based on CEPH. We tested a LOT of storage software and hardware. We also broke a lot of it. We found their weakness and threw them away. When it was all said and done we cozzied up to CEPH and it has been a wonderful relationship.  Experience the speed for yourself.
  • SSD Storage
    • You can’t have fast storage without SSD. That is why we run pure 100% SSD for our network storage. We will offer a SATA option down the road and you will have your choice, but for us nothing beats the performance and low latency of SSD.
  • Flexibility
    • Need something you don’t see in one of our predefined packages? Ask us if we can accommodate your request. We can setup just anything you can imagine.
  • Private Cloud
    • Want the flexibility of public cloud offerings but the security of your own, unshared hardware? We got you covered! Our Private Cloud offerings are unmatched anywhere in the hosting world. We can customize and configure a Private Cloud that meets all your needs.

So there you have it, Cloud Servers from Tranquil Hosting. We’re excited!