Today cPanel published version 11.50 to release tier, bringing it one step closer to a ‘stable’ release which will be automatically updated across machines.



Version 11.50 of cPanel comes with a myriad of new features including synchronized calendars and contacts, offering remote access to basic calendar and contact syncing. In addition contacts and calendars will be able to be shared across devices.

Greylisting has been modified in version 11.50 and claims to intelligently block against unwanted email by temporarily rejecting email from unknown sources. It then depends on the origin MTA resending the mail, as legitimate mail servers normally do when offered a temporary deferment.

One of the largest features of cPanel 11.50 by far is the introduction of CentOS 7 support, a long awaited and requested feature. Both CentOS 7.0 and CentOS 7.1 are supported, with a recommended 1GB of RAM to run (more for heavy traffic servers)

Numerous system scripts have been improved including securetmp and server daemon restart services. For any administrator who has ever encountered a Horde MySQL database crash, good news, as each account’s Horde’s data is now stored within it’s own SQLite database. cPHulk has also been modified to store the username and IPs of successful logins for system administrator and archival use.


The full list of changes in cPanel version 11.50 can be found here.