cPanel recently announced important licensing changes that will impact usage and pricing for many of NetActuate’s self-managed and managed hosting customers. 

You can read the details of cPanel’s pricing changes at:

For NetActuate’s self-managed hosting customers, these licensing and pricing changes mean that we will no longer offer complimentary cPanel licenses. To ensure the best cPanel experience as a self-managed hosting customer, you will need to purchase the licensing package that works best for your needs. To do so, please visit:

For NetActuate’s managed hosting customers, these new licensing changes at cPanel will result in a cost increase based on the number of accounts on each managed server. We are not adding any additional costs of our own, we are simply passing on the increase we will incur from cPanel directly. 

The cPanel license fees vary based on the number of accounts deployed per server, and will change month to month. You will notice the new fees on your monthly invoice as either a separate line item or as part of your managed hosting fees.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out at