While a good portion of our customers use our Virtual Servers for hosting custom software, another set use it to host WHM/cPanel installations as a cPanel VPS. While you will often find us toiling away with vi, looking to get an nginx, lightthpd, tomcat or other server up — cPanel is a great option if you want to provide an easy interface for your customers(or friends/family) with a simple and straightforward administration interface.

It's for this reason that are an official cPanel reseller, and pass our exact license cost on to you. (To purchase a license, simply installer our custom appliance from the appliances tab, or use CentOS or Fedora to see the purchase link under Manage Servers. See our cPanel VPS hosting page for more details. )

Today we're pleased to announce an updated WHM/cPanel Virtual Appliance that includes the latest stable 11.24 release. 11.24 has some excellent performance enhancements – that combined with our memory upgrades make it possible to run an appliance on our XV1 plan, something previously only possible on XV2+.

From the official cPanel announcement:

The amount of improvements made to the core software can not be
overstated. We have improved interfaces for configuring mail servers,
FTP servers, web servers, and name servers. DNS clustering has also
been imbued with many speed enhancements which, coupled with NSD will
make DNS functions run at top speed. cPanel's backup system has been
reworked to realize significantly higher speeds. This will make
creating, or restoring from. incremental or compressed backups
substantially faster.


Reducing overall memory consumption is the goal of VPS Optimized
2.0. It boasts a 12-15 Megabyte reduction in standing memory usage. Add
that to the nearly 60% memory usage reduction that VPS Optimized 1.0
achieved, and you've got a much speedier server.

We've made improvements that address the architecture of core cPanel
services, so they benefit everyone, not just virtual server
configurations. For example, the cPanel log processing daemon has been
redesigned to minimize memory usage while maintaining all of its
functionality. And to enhance security, we've reworked the cPanel
process monitoring daemon to include service-specific verification,
improving the security of running services.

Existing customrs can upgrade easily from the WHM interface, or by executing /scripts/upcp from the shell.

the Host Virtual Team