Customer Profile: CloudFloorDNS

NetActuate’s Anycast Delivery Platform drives product innovation and customer growth at CloudFloorDNS.

CloudFloorDNS has been proudly providing DNS and domain management for over 20 years to a wide range of clientele. They operate multiple DNS networks, including one for their smaller customers and individual startups. Their enterprise DNS network powers larger business and enterprise clients that need world-class DNS speeds and reliability.

The Need

For their first 17 years, CloudFloorDNS juggled multiple providers to build an anycast platform for their DNS services. The process was challenging and frustrating, especially when it came to getting reliable transit services. When Jeff Cronstrom joined the team as Senior Director of DNS Network Engineering and Operations, he immediately began searching for a single provider solution for their anycast needs. Unfortunately, the first providers he contacted weren’t able able to provide all the custom services he needed.

The Solution

Eventually, Cronstrom found NetActuate and set up a call to discuss CloudFloorDNS’s needs.

“I was elated,” Cronstrom recalls. “They had reasonable prices and were willing to let us use our own ASN and IP addresses.”

To meet their specific needs, CloudFloorDNS used NetActuate’s Anycast Delivery Platform to deploy their DNS application on virtual servers in 12 global locations.

“Working with NetActuate cut our costs by 50%, increased our speed by 400%, and tripled our number of locations,” said Cronstrom.

The Outcome

Today, CloudFloorDNS is able to deliver fast, reliable DNS services to their growing enterprise customer base. Their partnership with NetActuate will enable them to quickly, and easily add locations as global demand for their innovative services grow.

“NetActuate’s service is fantastic. Their online portal has a very smooth interface, letting me spin virtual servers up as I need them. It works how I want it to, and works when I want it to. It just works.”

Jeff Cronstrom

Senior Director of DNS Network Engineering and Operations