Customer Profile: Dropsource

NetActuate’s exceptional service helped a startup improve their infrastructure’s security, reliability, and scalability, so they could keep up with growing demand.

The Need

In 2014, Dropsource wanted to create the next-generation mobile app development platform. Their dream was to enable mobile developers to visually create very powerful, data-driven and truly native mobile apps without writing any code. They first considered leveraging cloud computing for their infrastructure needs, and found the cost prohibitively expensive. To meet their needs in the most cost-efficient way, their infrastructure engineer converted a closet in their offices to house the servers they needed to get their platform up and running.

The Solution

After three years of artful, but time-consuming management of multiple network providers, unreliable utilities, and worries about disaster recovery, Dropsource moved their servers from their converted closet to a full cabinet in NetActuate’s enterprise-class Raleigh-Durham data center

“We were very pleased to be able to get into a top tier datacenter with some of the best thought-out designs I have ever seen,” said James McDermott, Infrastructure Architect for Dropsource. “The on-premise support staff are very helpful and super responsive. If I were to summarize our experience in a single word, it would be ‘smooth,’ which is saying a lot when it comes to colocation.” 

The Outcome

With NetActuate as their colocation partner, Dropsource has been able to scale up their infrastructure easily to meet growing demand for their platform. Our on-premise staff ensure smooth delivery and fast installation when new servers are delivered. No longer having to worry about the physical security, connectivity, or lengthy outages, Dropsource can now direct more of their IT budget and staff resources towards growth-generating activities. Today, Dropsource is partnering with enterprise clients, including Cintas and Estee Lauder, helping them dramatically reduce their time to market for both iOS and Android mobile apps.

“It’s a challenging world for startups. NetActuate helped us provide the high quality, enterprise level of service our customers expect while maintaining a responsible budget.”
James McDermott

Infrastructure Architect, Dropsource