South America Datacenters


Our goal is to be within 20ms of every customer in the world, and with locations in South America that goal is closer to reality. Backed by our 24x7 support you can deploy instantly to any of our South America based clouds. Be sure to use our looking glass to test latency and throughput from all of our locations.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Equinix SP2 in Sao Paulo is one of the most connected datacenters in South America. It meets stringent international standards that ensure the highest level of redundancy and connectivity, and is the only provider to offer Tier III-certified data centers in Brazil.

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Network Locations

Location is everything. NetActuate operates 27+ high availability network POPs that deliver Anycast, multihomed BPG blended bandwidth, and direct cloud connect services that can be deployed across VPS, dedicated bare metal servers, and colocation infrastructure in 6 continents.

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