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Tokyo, Japan Data Center

Our deployment in Equinix Tokyo strategically balances our datacenters in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and Australia in order to provide unparalleled low latency services throughout Asia and Oceania.


  • 40,400 sq ft ( 3,700 sq m)
  • Raised floors
  • 4 story steel structure 
  • Seismically strengthened


  • SOC 1 Type II
  • SOC 2 Type II
  • ISO 27001


  • Man trap entry
  • 24×7 security officers
  • IC card reader
  • Biometric scanning
  • CCTV monitoring


  • Carrier-agnostic
  • Multiple connections
  • Fiber, copper, coax cross-connects
  • Equinix Internet Exchange
  • JPIX and JPNAP access


  • 4.0 kVa to 6.0 kVa per cabinet
  • 2 utility feeders
  • Parallel redundant UPS
  • N+1 UPS redundancy
  • 3,000 kVA x 2 gas turbine generators
  • N standby power redundancy


  • N+25% CRAC redundancy
  • Air conditioner N+1 configuration, DX CRAC units

About Our Tokyo Data Center

Our deployment in Equinix TY8 in Tokyo, Japan, is one of 10 locations that together serve as business hubs for over 800 companies. Customers can choose from a broad range of network services from over 70 providers.  These Tokyo data centers include a dense concentration of financial services companies, internet service providers, and cloud, content and mobility service providers. Customers can also take advantage of Oedo Connect, a dark fiber service connecting all Equinix data centers in Tokyo.

Our location in Tokyo is part of a leading network hub, where international and major local carriers meet. In addition, Equinix operates a leading regional Internet Exchange, including access to JPIX and JPNAP. It is also strategically located in the heart of the trading landscape, making it a clear choice for multi-venue trading strategies within Japan and trading between North America, Asia and Australia.

Available Services


We support single device to multi-rack deployments in over 30 global locations. Our move-in experts are ready to get you up and running fast.

Virtual Machines

Instantly provision and manage VMs with our self-service web portal and APIs. Our virtual infrastructure platform is optimized for latency-sensitive applications.

Bare Metal

Dedicated hardware providing you exclusive use of compute, storage, and network resources. Ready to deploy today in major global markets.

Anycast Delivery Platform

A relentlessly optimized platform purpose-built from the ground up to deliver performance anycast across global markets and regions.

IP Transit

We offer 1g, 10g, 40g and 100g ports, and our own blend of transit. Our IPv4 and IPv6 dual-stack network is available in over 70 carrier hotels worldwide.

Cloud Connect

Enabling advanced routing between the public cloud, our infrastructure, and your resources. Benefit from dedicated, private connections to public cloud providers.

Check out our looking glass to perform traces and reverse traces, test ping latency, and more.