A few weeks ago we set up a local cvsup mirror for FreeBSD at mirror.rootbsd.net that is updated every 12 hours and can be accessed by any RootBSD customers. As part of our set up process we install the most recent version of the ports tree to the new systems but you will most likely wish to update your ports tree and installed ports from time to time. To you can easily do this from the command line by executing the command,

csup /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile

Our servers are now preconfigured to automatically use our local mirror but, if you received your server/VPS before the mirror was established you will have to add the option “-h mirror.rootbsd.net” to the above command. This will generate a lot of output which you can supress with a -L 0 to the command. It should take only a minute or so and once it returns your ports tree is fully updated.