Ok, it’s true that we swore we’d never jump on the marketing buzz-bandwagon and use the over-hyped term cloud in our service. Who would know that would change when we started working on a way to help you submit and vote on features you’d like to add to our roadmap!

Your feedback has always been tremendously important to us, and we keep tabs on requests or comments using various internal systems. (Read: post-its, whiteboards, back of server invoices, etc.) Now we’re changing the dynamic by providing a way for you to not only directly share your submissions, but to make your case to our greater community.

Even if all you do is vote (you can cast one vote per suggestion, which is a rating of 1-5) you can make a difference in our roadmap. Best of all, you don’t have to register or wait until next week. You can start voting right away. Just select Feature Roadmap from the vClient news page or Tools.

the Host Virtual Team