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Global Load Balancing

For maximum uptime and service flexibility, combine the power of our anycast delivery platform with a load balancing solution

Global Load Balancing for All Layers of Your Stack

Our Anyast Delivery Platform provides network-level load balancing across regions by directing users to the highest performing location. If a location goes down, our platform automatically fails over, instantly redirecting end users to the next best available location. For additional reliability, our team of experts can seamlessly integrate load balancers at other layers with our platform. Partner with NetActuate today for unparalleled performance, service flexibility, and global reach at all layers of your stack.

Load Balancing Integrations


We make extensive use of ECMP for network-level handoff with various hashing options.


Our team is ready to leverage our expertise to help you integrate LVS into a highly-available solution.


Use the power of commercial or open source NGINX in combination with anycast to load balance traffic across your workers.


Our team can integrate HAPROXY with our anycast network to deliver custom load balancing to your applications.


Not only do we sponsor and support the Varnish Cache project, we’re experts at building CDN(s) at global scale.


We can distribute traffic seamlessly across your existing, in-service public cloud load balancers.

Tell Us About Your Requirements

 Our team has spent 20 years implementing high availability, load balanced platforms serving millions of concurrent requests and hundreds of millions of end users. Whether it’s for DNS, HTTP, TCP/streaming, or network load balancing, schedule a call with one of our solution architects today to learn how we can help drive your presence forward.