We're pleased to announce that we've released and updated all of our base O/S images. Images now include:

  • CentOS 5.2: CentOS 5.2 Server
  • Debian 4.0r4a: Debian 4.0r4a
  • Fedora Core 9: Fedora Core 9
  • Gentoo 2008.0: Gentoo 2008.0
  • Slackware 12.1: Slackware 12.1
  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Server

We've also released a new, faster rescue image that is used if you are using one of these as your base o/s based off of DSL (Damn Small Linux.)

Note: Console mode is not currently available for these. We're working to include this in our next release.

We've also made a few other enhancements, including improving the amount of time it takes to log into the vclient by 70%. While not close to where we want it to be we've made good progress and plan to expand on this in our upcoming Oct release. Unfortunately, when it comes to login we're dependent on our 3rd party billing systems XML API to validate users, and this is adding a delay when you authenticate.