We’ve made a few minor updates to our Dashboard, and are posting about it as promised. In addition to a few behind the scenes bug fixes, the most noticeable change is to what was previously known as “IP addresses” in the dashboard. This let you see the IP(s) assigned to your system, as well as manage reverse DNS entries for them. It was functional, but pretty bland.

It has now been renamed to “Networking” and redesigned. Instead of just providing you with a list of IP(s) and the ability to change their reverse DNS, we show you the subnet information for all of your address space, details on servers allowed to access them for failover, and the static configuration our system uses to deploy the settings to your server on build.

The latter part is especially useful if you are manually modifying your network configuration, and is specific to the o/s that you deploy. Of course, you can continue to manage reverse DNS for any IPv4+IPv6 addresses assigned to your server as well.