As with every major upgrade there are a few bugs that crop up or things that just barely missed making the final build. Today we've released a minor dot release with some enhancements to the vClient.

Some of the enhancements & fixes include:


  • Submit a one-time payment via your card on file before its next automatic billing attempt.
  • One less step for one-time paypal checkouts.


  • Reset password confirmation emails on password reset.
  • Ability to change your server name/hostname for display purposes (won't modify your actual servers config, just updates vClient.)
  • Ability to modify/update your servers description.


  • Integrated our support/kb tool with the vClient so that you can view/respond to tickets directly from the vClient.

We're already on a new branch that includes updates to our DNS Tool and other requested enhancements, but wanted to get GA these for you asap.

the Host Virtual Team