As many of you have noticed we’ve just rolled out some new features. This is an incremental release that include stable changes while we continue to work on enhancing our service. The changes released are:

Rescue mode. This allows you to boot to an emergency VM and access your primary servers file system. You can control rescue mode from the vclient and switch back to production status at any time.

Reverse DNS for multiple IP addresses. For those of you with multiple IP addresses, you can now select ‘DNS’ to edit all entries, including your secondary IP’s. (Previously you could only control your primary.)

Usability Enhancements. We’ve made changes to the way you control your server. You should notice this within a minute or two of logging in. We’ve also resolved several minor bugs (such as actions taking you to your primary server if you have multiple servers) and more.

Take a look and let us know what you think. As always, your continued feedback is an important part of our improvement process. Look for another release that closes out our remaining to-do list within the next several weeks and several exiting additions.

The VR Team