Hey everyone. Just getting an announcement out there about some new scripts that have been added to the jails of all our VPS users.  We have added scripts to view memory usage, view disk usage, reboot, and halt from within the jail (i.e. on the command line).  All of this has been available through the web-based RootCP but now it is even easier to check if you are logged in to a shell.  The reboot and halt scripts have actually been around for a while but it seems that we never got around to announcing them before.


The binaries for the scripts are called “reboot”, “halt” (these are direct replacements for their normal counterparts).  Once you halt your VPS, you will need to login to RootCP to start it up again since you will be, well, locked out of your shell.

Resource Usage 

To see your RAM usage:  jmemstat

To see your disk usage:  jdiskstat

Do you have ideas for other improvements we could make?  Send them to us!  Have a problem?  Drop an email to [email protected] and let us know.