We've been hard at work here since our last release, and last night we finally went GA. Most noticeable is a new and improved look and feel – not only for the vclient management panel but our corporate website.

As with previous releases both sites share a common structure and IA. However, we've gone out of our way this time to distinguish the vClient and think it really works.

There are too many improvements (and most importantly bug fixes!) to list, so here are some of the highlights:

  • Improved vClient performance & web interface
    • 700% performance increase in integrated actions (logging in, etc.)
    • Better real-time status for servers.
    • Improved the overall UI and ease of use for management functions.
    • Wider browser & operation system support.
    • Integrated news, maintenance and outage status.
  • Server builds
    • Streamlined server build process.
    • Added support for Virtual Appliances, and Community/Beta builds.
    • Send us your feedback on the appliances you'd like to see here first and look for us to begin rolling them out in the coming month.
  • Tighter integration with billing and other external systems.
    • Easily identify and re-provisioning existing packages.
    • Easily purchase additional packages directly from within the vClient.
    • View invoice history, billing details, and payment information within vClient.

One area we weren't able to update in time for the release is our DNS Management tool, and you'll notice that while it has our new look it doesn't take full advantage of the new IA. The good news is that this is in beta and we plan a dot-release within the next week to incorporate the update.

There's quite a bit more and we're very excited about some of our upcoming features. Keep sending us your feedback so we can incorporate it into our Roadmap.

The Host Virtual, Inc. Team