We’ve just released a new version of vClient. This comes with quite a few upgrades and enhancements, although as usual not all will be immediately visible to you directly.

One of the largest (and more requested) features is the inclusion of forward/dns zone management. Courtesy of our pre-existing www.zoneconfig.com tool, our zone management allows you to manage an unlimited number of domains/records.

Updates of zones and zone records are instant. To get started, select Tools > DNS Zones and add your domain. Once you’ve completed adding the appropriate records, change the dns servers at your registrar for your domain to ns1.hostvirtual.com and ns2.hostvirtual.com. You will be able to instantly control and adjust your domains records.

We’ve got quite a bit more currently in beta but decided to launch this feature after several weeks of baking. As always your feedback is invaluable and we appreciate your comments/features suggestions.

The Host Virtual Team