We’re pleased to announce our second vClient release this month. This update continues to close on our feature outline and builds on the October .1 release.

New features available include:

Additional IP addresses. Purchase additional IP addresses directly from within vClient, without having to go to our billing system. Purchased IP addresses are also automatically aliased to your server. This allows you to add additional addresses within a few seconds without manual configuration. IP addresses are billed at $2/mo, per address.

Reset root password. This feature allows you to reset your systems root password via Tools > Change root password. Consider this a shortcut to updating your password without having to go into rescue mode.

Re-apply network settings. You can now reconfigure your servers network settings via the tools menu at any time. Useful if you’ve purchased additional address space but decide to provision it later.

We’re excited about these changes. Look for more soon on our upcoming November release. Please continue to send us your feedback on features and functionality you’d like to see.

The VR Team