What is SpamStick?

SpamStick is RootBSD’s new spam filtering service for domains.  It is a hosted filter service that will filter all the e-mail addresses for your domain.  It does not require any installation or changes to your existing mail setup for your domain.  There is a control panel which allows you to easily administer the settings.  SpamStick is ideal for SMBs with their own mail server.  The only change that will need to be made is your DNS MX records.  Once that is changed and we have confirmed your account is setup, you’re ready to start utilizing the service.


Our SpamStick filter recognizes on average 99.98% of all spam correctly.  It protects your users and e-mail accounts from e-mail based virus attacks or phishing attempts.  All questionable messages are put in a quarantine in case a message is incorrectly identified as spam.  This allows you to login to the web-based control panel and review any messages that may have been quarantined.  You may also activate a daily or weekly PDF report which summarizes the results of messages sent to quarantine and the ability to release any valid messages with a single click.

How do I get started?

1.  Send an email to support@rootbsd.net telling us the domain you want filtered.

2.  Switch the domain MX records to poin to our  SpamStick servers (we can help with this).

3.  Enjoy!

First 30 days free to any customer who wishes to give SpamStick a test drive.  Simply submit a support ticket with your domain and tell us you wish to add it to SpamStick.  After 30 days, billing will start at $10 per month per domain.  If you don’t wish to keep the service for any reason, no problem, you won’t owe a dime for it.