Global infrastructure, operations expertise, and a purpose-built anycast platform for TLDs, registrars, and DNS services

Meeting the Specialized Needs of TLDs and Registrars 

The team at NetActuate has extensive, specialized experience providing infrastructure, network services, and operational support for TLDs, registrars, and companies providing services based on DNS. Our specific expertise, combined with our customizable services, make DNS deployments with us much more successful than with other infrastructure providers.

Work with us to deploy your infrastructure and anycast services to 30+ locations worldwide. Our services can easily scale to meet the demand of a changing and ever-growing user base. At NetActuate, we specialize in customizing network and infrastructure services to meet any and all specialized requirements. This is why we’re trusted by so many to launch and help manage their global deployments.

Featured Client: RcodeZero

RcodeZero is a subsidiary of the Austrian domain registry NetActuate’s global infrastructure and anycast platform powers RcodeZero’s anycast-as-a-service across 10 virtual locations.

“It was easy for us to double our number of locations with NetActuate. For the cost of one traditional colocation, where we pay for the rack, routers, servers, and the upstream, we deployed 10 additional PoPs in a week.”
Klaus Darilion

Head of Operations, RcodeZero

Global Infrastructure

Across our global footprint of 30+ locations, we offer a mix and match infrastructure services to meet a range of specialized needs. Rapidly deploy virtual machines worldwide via our online portal. For high demand workloads and other specific requirements, we offer bare metal in standard configurations, as well as built-to-order. From a single device to multiple racks, we provide managed colocation services across our entire global footprint.

Global IX Colocation

Do you just need a few U of colocation and connectivity into an internet exchange (IX)? We have access to 35+ IXes and can easily facilitate on demand, dedicated, or colocated hardware with IX connectivity. We can provide you with management access, direct facility cross connects, and if needed, transport to the IXes to help build your anycast service.

Anycast Secondary/Slave DNS

At NetActuate, we have purpose-built multiple, redundant global anycast clouds. We can provide slave DNS services anycast from our platform to act as a diverse backup to your existing anycast deployments (either with us or with other providers). Based on Knott DNS, basic and advanced fea­tures in­clude:

  • in­cre­men­tal zone trans­fers (IXFR)
  • dy­nam­ic up­dates (DDNS)
  • re­sponse rate lim­it­ing (RRL)
  • au­to­mat­ic DNSSEC sign­ing
  • dy­nam­ic A/AAAA/PTR records syn­the­sis
  • rapid on-the-fly re­con­fig­u­ra­tion deployed to our auto-scaling anycast network

Emerging ccTLD Grant Program

As an ICANN participant and long-time steward of many open source projects (that include providing critical infrastructure services), we understand the challenges an emerging ccTLD can face when managing a global deployment. To support ccTLDs in emerging markets, we’re pleased to offer a special program. For ccTLDs with under 10,000 zones, we will provide no-cost anycast secondary/slave DNS services, as well as supporting infrastructure services on our platform. To be considered for no cost services, please complete our brief application form, and we will be in touch.