Tranquil Hosting has expanded its footprint into a new data center in the Washington, DC area. We are now online in the Equinix DC3 facility in Ashburn VA.

With this expansion, we now serve customers out of a total of four data centers, three in the U.S. (Cary, NC, Dallas, Texas and Ashburn, VA) and one in Germany.

The Equinix Ashburn campus environment offers a full range of premium colocation, interconnection and support services. Because of the area’s strategic     importance as the Eastern hub of traffic exchange to the United States, Equinix’s DC metro IBX centers are one of the largest Internet exchange points in the world.

This new center adheres to Tranquil’s strict security, reliability and interconnect requirements and will allow us to offer an additional geographic option for customers seeking redundancy.

Importantly for all Tranquil customers are the extensive interconnects at DC3 to which we now have access. The Tranquil Hosting network will be further improved by connecting new high-capacity links to carriers and peering with other networks on the Equinix Internet Exchange™, a central switch for public and private peering.

We will be provisioning servers in Ashburn in the coming weeks. Contact us to learn more.