We're pleased to release an updated Ubuntu 8.10 Server image. Ubuntu 8.10 Server joins our Ubuntu 8.04 build. The installation is minimal, with only openssh-server installed for remote access.

Here are a few comments from the formal announcement:

In tandem with the
Ubuntu 8.04 Long Term Support (LTS) release, maintained for another
four and a half years, Ubuntu offers users a real choice between the
stability and longevity of the LTS releases and the opportunity to
try the latest innovations of the Ubuntu 8.10 release. No other Linux
or proprietary server OS supports this level of choice.

"Ubuntu 8.10
Server Edition is a terrific milestone that underlines the value in
our twin track release strategy," said Jane Silber, COO of
Canonical. "The server edition embraces cloud computing,
virtualisation, mail server enhancements, Java development and
deployment as well as a range of services to help system
admininstrators and developers. Our six-monthly release cycle allows
us to get these features in front of users faster continuing to make
Ubuntu the best option for innovative organisations."

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the Host Virtual Team