We’re back with a quick maintenance release, as we continue to drive
towards our next set of major features. In keeping with past releases,
enhancements are more geared towards the core platform and not necessarily
front-end or vm level features.

An example of this is a new and much improved fraud prevention system.
We’ve had a significant amount of abuse on our system and preventing,
tracking, and reporting details to appropriate channels was a time
consuming task. Look for a more detailed post on this in the near future.
This update will reduce 80% of our overhead in this area so that we can
continue our focus on features.

Front-end enhancements in this release include:

– WHM/cPanel support. Many of you asked for it, and now we offer cPanel
licenses as a direct distributor for cPanel. To purchase a license, simply
select add cPanel from the console page. Licenses are priced at $11/mo and
the cost is directly passed on with no margin for us. Make sure you use a
supported O/S. We also recommend you provision cPanel on a clean server.

– Rescue control. You can now control our auto rescue services via a new
“options” tab available to your VM. As you may or may not know, we
automatically restarted or try to recover crashed systems. If you do indeed
want your system to stay down for some reason you can now set this option.

– Enhanced reverse DNS updates.
– Enhanced stability of DNS management under tools
– Added more space for the console in latest Firefox browsers
– Build times are reflected correctly on all pages
– Real time status for items in queue (reboot, restart, etc.)
– This news/announcements stream for the latest data from us.
– Other various cosmetic improvements

There are three large features still in progress:

– Upgrades. Today, we can manually upgrade your system but it’s time
consuming and error prone. At this point, we aren’t offering upgrades but
if you want to migrate your system will give you a higher level VM along
with a month free to complete the migration. This is #1 on our priority
list and has been stalled due to our fraud prevention efforts. We expect
upgrades to be released mid-july in our next release.

– Billing control. Today, you can go to our billing portal to manage
packages. We’ll be adding the ability for you to manage packages directly
from within the vClient.

– Backups. We’ve been running backups in beta for quite some time and will
be announcing our free and paid vm snapshot options along with some other
interesting features.

Independent from releases are several new O/S images:
– Ubuntu 8.04 is in beta testing
– Ubuntu JEOS server edition in beta testing
– Fedora9 in beta testing
– Slackware 12 is WIP
– Debian is WIP

We may release some or all of these, while in beta as options to provision
since quite a few of you have contacted us with a willingness to help test.
Do note that beta essentially means that about the only thing we will
guarantee that will work is that the VM can be provisioned and accessed
remotely via SSH.

As always, we’re eager for your feedback. If you have suggestions for
features or functionality not listed above, please contact us and we’ll let
you know what we can do.