Why Choose NetActuate?

Engineering Expertise

NetActuate is led by engineers with decades of experience that understand exactly what it takes to optimized fast, secure, and reliable global deployments.

Client Focus

As your trusted technology partner, we provide high-availability solutions backed by 24×7 expert support, so you can focus on growing your business, headache-free.


Having access to our wide range of services and expertise means greater flexibility for business – in what you offer, how you operate, and what you can provide your customers.


We strive to build long-term partnerships, and grow with you as you evolve. Our accountability keeps our clients with us an average of 6 years.

Right-Size Solutions

We maximize your IT investment with just the right mix of infrastructure, optimized network, and managed services.

Global Presence

Clients can leverage our growing global presence for fast, reliable connections to customers and markets around the world.

Want to join an engineering-led company that knows what it takes to build and deliver high performance global network and infrastructure solutions? Browse our open positions and apply today.

Leadership Team

Mark Mahle, CEO

Mark Mahle has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry — with leadership roles in R&D, Marketing, Customer Service and Business Development.

He has a passion for and perspective of cloud technology that comes from those decades in the technology industry. Mahle was responsible for the development VMWare’s customer-facing web properties. Mahle’s teams integrated VMware product’s and back office services, driving hundreds of thousands of leads through VMware’s global sales pipeline. He was responsible for 100 applications, including the world’s largest Fortune 500 enterprise software community, and grew the company from $300 million to over $2 billion in revenue. Prior to VMware, Mahle led the web marketing development team at WebEx (Acquired by Cisco) and held roles working on WebEx’s SAAS API’s and Business Development for Telecom Partners.

In addition to his duties at NetActuate, Mahle is managing director of Coherently, a privately funded incubator with interests in mobile, social, web and SaaS research and development. He is an open source evangelist, contributing to and supporting countless projects, including web services and cloud technologies, as well as building zero-downtime, high-availability architectures. He also serves as director of several companies and spends time between California and Asia with his wife and two children.

Mark Price, President

In his role as President, Mark Price ensures the ongoing operations of NetActuate’s network and cloud infrastructure deployed across the globe. Price and his operations team are available 24x7x365 for NetActuate customers, providing skilled expertise, proactive troubleshooting, and rapid response to issues large and small. From architecting complex infrastructure solutions, to deploying racks of servers in datacenters around the world, Price ensures NetActuate provides the best possible network and infrastructure solutions for growing businesses.

To his work at NetActuate, Price brings over 15 years of experience in maintaining and deploying highly available infrastructures. In 2005, Price founded Tranquil Hosting, a managed hosting company that he grew to include a global footprint and customer base. Tranquil Hosting received a Net Promoter score of 85, meaning nearly every customer would be willing to recommend Tranquil’s services to a friend, compared to an industry average of 29.  Price’s relentless commitment to a customer-first approach is what ensures NetActuate’s customers stay for an average of 6 years.

Price is a proud graduate of NC State University, and lives in Raleigh with his wife.

Sandy Bhargavi, CFO/COO

Sandy Bhargavi has built a career bridging the technical and non-technical worlds, focusing on people, operations and collaboration. People and cultures have always interested her, and she has a deep appreciation for technology that has enhanced global communication and mobility. Bhargavi has a Bachelors in Sociology, and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles.

Bhargavi has worked closely on many fronts to deliver customer satisfaction. Her 20-year career started with a startup Netgateway in Los Angeles, managing product delivery. She transitioned to customer support and service roles at another startup, WebEx in Silicon Valley, in early 2000. She worked with many different groups and took on many different roles, including management of advanced technical (tier 4 operations) teams and running PMO (post-Cisco acquisition) during her nine years at the organization. She excelled at cross-functional teams collaboration and intrepreneurial endeavors.

Bhargavi then turned to management and technology consulting, focusing on globalization and cross-functional team integration, including roles at Encore Software Services and IPC, the Hospitalist Company. She loves animals, especially dogs, and is always planning on a trip somewhere.

Kate Gerry, Director of Global Networking

As Director of Global Networking, Kate oversees the management of NetActuate’s global presence, ensuring high uptime and performance from each location.

Kate brings to her role over 10 years of experience managing large-scale cloud infrastructure for a nationally-focused datacenter company, and over 15 years’ experience supporting a wide range of routing and switching platforms.

A former horse trainer, Kate is one of the few people who can claim that she has actually configured a Cisco router while on horseback. Kate lives in California with her chihuahua, Abby.