Now Accepting BitCoin Logo

No credit card? No problem! After customer demand for even more flexible payment options, Host Virtual has immediately started accepting BTC as payment for its hosting services.


In the past, perspective customers have been limited by antiquated banking systems, a lack of the ability to acquire a credit or debit card, or simply a lack of financial infrastructure in emerging countries. In response to this ongoing problem, Host Virtual has chosen to accept the most flexible payment option possible, BitCoin, a peer-to-peer virtual currency that’s available to all.


Note that Host Virtual will still be verifying customer identities and following other fraud control procedures to keep our network clean & safe for all users. We view BTC simply as another payment option, and not a way to transact anonymously. Currently, 6 confirmation blocks on the bitcoin network are required for an invoice payment to clear.


We’re glad to offer further payment options that allow our customers a wide spectrum of payment methods, regardless if you have a credit card or not! We now accept Bitcoin, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Alipay, as well as bank wire / ACH, and even checks.