Today, cPanel has announced that its 11.40 tier, that now supports IPv6 hosting and networking has been deployed to the ‘CURRENT’ tier. Only one step away from the ‘EDGE’ tier, the ‘CURRENT’ tier has been tested & verified, but is far from ready for a production environment.

To update to the latest version of WHM & cPanel, currently 11.40.0, log-in to WHM and select ‘Update Preferences’ from within the Server Configuration pull-down.

Update Preference Settings in WHM

Select ‘CURRENT’ from the selection of upgrade tiers and click the Save button. You’ll now be presented with a screen to immediately upgrade cPanel and WHM, or you can do so by invoking: /scripts/upcp within shell, while logged in as root.
cPanel Update - 11.40 - IPv6 Hosting Connectivity

Announced to the Public cPanel Mailing List:

cPanel & WHM version 11.40 offers support for IPv6 and 1:1 NAT, an API Shell, and more.

IPv6 Support

cPanel & WHM is now IPv6-enabled with dual-stack support, allowing customers to add IPv6 or IPv4 to any account. This feature prepares our customers for future demand.

1:1 NAT Support

cPanel & WHM version 11.40 provides 1:1 NAT, giving customers the ability to support a broader range of hosting environments.

API Shell

In 11.40, cPanel & WHM includes an API Shell, enabling customers to run and troubleshoot API calls interactively through the cPanel & WHM user interfaces. This feature helps our customers better understand API calls.

Detailed information on all cPanel & WHM version 11.40 features can be found at An overview of the latest features and benefits is also available at

More to follow as I upgrade some existing cPanel servers to 11.40, and examine how IPv6 shared hosting / dedicated IPv6 hosting on cPanel works, whilst still in a “non production” tier.

To deploy an IPv6 based cPanel server in minutes, simply install our cPanel Optimized image by purchasing any of our vps plans with cPanel included free and follow the above instructions to upgrade to 11.40 in minutes from 11.38.