The arrival of cPanel and WHM version 11.44 brings numerous new features, including improved transfers, restores, and improved IPv6 address handling when it comes to mail compatibility. But the most important update that you should take notice of is cPanel’s brand new theme, called “Paper Lantern”.


Paper Lantern is a clean bootstrap powered cPanel theme. With a light and intuitive user interface, it’s poised to be the replacement of x3 as the default now that the theme is out of beta-testing and is public on all cPanel servers with the 11.44 release version.


In addition to a predictable and powerful interface, Paper Lantern also gives the server owner, and even resellers more control over theme settings. One main aspect is an updated language local system based on Perl Locale::MakeText. This robust and reliable translation platform offers better control over language and localization in cPanel.


cPanel themes can now be created and based on the open-source ‘Template Toolkit’ which is a full featured template and design system based on perl. Read more about Template Toolkit and building themes at :


Finally, as cPanel brought the Paper Lantern theme out of beta, improved images and icons were included with the system. Fully transparent .png files can now be utilized on the cPanel template index page. This gives web-hosts and users like a way to utilize custom backgrounds and colors, without a white-border outlining the graphic for a truly seamless interface.


Read the full release at : or test the brand new cPanel Paper Lantern Theme demo here.


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