We build and operate some of the most demanding, high-traffic platforms in the world.

Leave the network and infrastructure to us. From global remote hands to network monitoring and optimization, we have expertise at all levels of the stack. Flexibly extend your team so you can focus on what matters most.

Extend your team with our network and infrastructure experts

With NetActuate, you get a true partner to your business. Our team can build, support, and continually optimize a fully custom, optimized global deployment for your workloads — without breaking the bank.

Architecture & Design

Our DevOps engineers have decades of experience building some of the most demanding, high volume platforms in the world. We can help you design your deployment, or provide critical architecture review and validation.

Procurement & Logistics

We can help you move from CapEx to OpEx, as well as provide logistics in delivering your hardware globally for colocation. Turn to us for standard commodity hardware, custom FPGA(s), GPUS, SANs, network gear, and terrestrial systems.

Network Provisioning

As the one of the largest global network by number of peers, we have unparalleled options for IP transit, DDoS, transport, SDN/overlay, and BGP anycast. Get blended IP transit, 3rd party cross connects, connections into leading IXes or other ISP(s) in over 70 locations worldwide.

Smarter Hands

Going beyond standard remote hands services provided by many data center operators, we have the skilled, experienced resources in the locations that you need. Our global team of veteran engineers is ready to provision your physical deployment in any of our 40+ markets. 

Hybrid Scalability

Deploy an optimal mix of bare metal, virtual machines, and colocation to automatically scale for demand using an overflow model. Stage hardware and services (such as SSL offload) to minimize risk and increase performance.


Our DevOps, infrastructure, and  architecture experts manage and optimize your infrastructure 24×7. Our engineers can also build  your service to meet your specific requirements. We can handle all things network and infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business..

Let our network experts monitor, manage, and support your network

vNOC & Monitoring

NetActuate’s vNOC (virtual network operations center) provides you with the ability to fully outsource the 24x7x365 management and support of your infrastructure to an experienced and trained staff. NetActuate’s global operations team monitors and manages your network and infrastructure to ensure they are at their optimal levels, allowing you to focus on your business.

Save time and money by not having to hire, train, and manage your own staff.

We can work with a single point of contact for all of your infrastucture support, or flexibly integrate our vNOC team with yours to fill certain needs.

Our experts can monitor and manage any of your current infrastructure, no matter what the platform is or who the providers are.

NetActuate’s vNOC engineers will take the time to truly learn and understand your network and infrastructure, so we can quickly adapt as your business as needs change over time.

Additional service and support areas

Capacity Planning

Optimize your infrastructure spend as your requirements change over time. Our team can help you with capacity planning and forecasting based on current usage and future plans, ensuring you infrastructure costs don’t rapidly scale as you grow. You can also get ahead of potential performance issues if regional usage increases unexpectedly.

Add Skills without Headcount

Leverage our engineers’ versatility to extend your team’s available skillset. We provide custom DevOps and cloud architecture services, with expertise in Terraform, Ansible, Puppet and more. We can also support and optimize your usage of AWS, Azure, GCE, and other custom platforms.

Local Resources for Your Global Edge

Need on-site help with a far-flung deployment? We can quickly send local resources to attend to issues that need an onsite technician or specialized resolution. We work regularly and closely with Coresite, Equinix, CyrusOne, DRT, Telehouse, and other providers.

With vNOC, NetActuate can become your single point of contact for all your network & infrastructure needs.

How Our vNOC Can Help

Learn more about how we support different types of innovative businesses. 

Operations Support for AI/ML Provider

NetActuate works with a leading AI provider to provide operations support for their projects across AWS, GCE, and dedicated physical infrastructure. NetActuate’s vNOC service allows the company to scale and focus on building their product while having access to a wide range of expert resources that they do not need to hire and train themselves.

Extending Operations for a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

NetActuate extends the 24×7 network operations of leading, global CDN provider. NetActuate engineers monitor and proactively respond to network events, seamlessly integrated with their ChatOps and escalation process.

vNOC and Engineering for eCommerce Business

NetActuate provides vNOC and network engineering services to a leading eCommerce company based in San Jose. NetActuate provided a complete build out and maintenance of a Cisco-based network, 100G network, and custom deployments in a DRT facility.

NetActuate engineers work seamlessly with onsite techs to manage all aspects of network operations. We provide proactive monitoring and support, as well new switch and capacity turn ups, network changes, and more.