So you’ve invested heavily in cloud services. Maybe you’ve even invested in multiple platforms for redundancy and provider diversity. Good for you! Servers are spinning up around the world and you’re ready to scale.

Running all those servers, servicing users across the globe means increasingly complex DNS issues. At this point, most IT heads or CTOs would may start to actively investigate BGP Anycast options. Like all things on the internet, there’s resources and links that give instructions on how to roll out your own Anycast solution.

But is it cheaper than going with an established cloud services provider like Netactuate that’s built out its own BGP Anycast platform?

Challenges of Building an Anycast Network

Since BGP Anycast allows one DNS address to direct a user to a number of different servers, a specialist with a background in network engineering or systems administration would have to, at the very least, be contracted to do the initial legwork.

Then you’ll have to locate and contact the Regional Internet Registries your servers will service, which is an additional cost and means dealing with the different bureaucracies regarding internet regulation in the area. IPv6 (and IPv4, if compatibility with legacy equipment or services is important) addresses also have to be leased or bought.

You’ll need to show you have at least two transit providers to apply for an Autonomous System Number (ASN), which identifies your network on the global routing tables.

Finally, you’ll have to deploy real hardware (routers, servers, and switches) to data centers and work out agreements with internet exchanges and PoPs around the work, then configure Anycast with all of those issues in mind.

Of course, you’ll also have to dedicate some of your IT staff to keep an eye on your Anycast network, to ensure there’s no downtime or outage, and build a tool to optimize your BGP preferences for low latency service. Again, latency equals dissatisfied users.

While building your own Anycast network might be something of interest for a hobbyist, companies that depend on their sites and services for mission critical services or e-commerce will find that the costs of building and maintaining their own Anycast networks are prohibitive.

Our Anycast Platform

The other solution? Use a dedicated global network that specializes in BGP Anycast, like Netactuate. With a high-performance network that includes some of the largest and most connected carrier-neutral data centers around the world and is peering heavily on the IX’s and have agreements with a number of global ISP’s. Netactuate is the solution for Anycast. And that’s not just for servers on Netactuate’s network — we can add Anycast to AWS, Azure, Rackspace, and any other major CSP (cloud service provider) as well using our easy-to-deploy SDN gateways. Netactuate also has a dedicated staff that monitors its BGP Anycast performance 24/7/365 and can work with your IT department to configure an Anycast solution that’s best for you.

Building a fast Anycast network that offers the best of its services, including failover, load balancing, and the fastest edge server response requires experience. Leverage Netactuate’s skill and expertise for your custom solution.

Drop us an email and find out why Netactuate will save you money — and your sanity — when it comes to a high-performance BGP Anycast solution. Try our global network. We’ll work with you on a 30 day proof of concept. Contact us at