FreeBSD 8.2 was officially released today. This release includes

  • Xen HVM support in FreeBSD/amd64 and Xen PV support in FreeBSD/i386 improved
  • ZFS on-disk format updated to version 15
  • aesni(4) driver for Intel AESNI crypto instruction set
  • BIND and OpenSSL updates
  • Gnome updated to 2.32.1
  • KDE updated to 4.5.5
  • Other improvements and bug fixes.

All new orders will now have 8.2-RELEASE unless otherwise specified. For existing customers, you can update your system using the following:

# freebsd-update upgrade -r 8.2-RELEASE
# freebsd-update install
# shutdown -r now
After rebooting,
# freebsd-update install

If you are updating from 7.4-RELEASE or earlier you will be prompted to rebuild all third-party applications due to updates in system libraries. Then you will have to run freebsd-update install and reboot once more.

To read the official announcement, see