Cary, North Carolina Data Center

Data Center Details

Our Cary datacenter is located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina–our home turf and an IT industry hub.

We are pleased to provide HA design and connectivity with major networks such as Zayo and Level3.

Cary is also a low disaster risk area, rated as low to moderate seismic risk and not susceptible to flooding. This makes Cary an ideal choice for your backups and DR infrastructure. 

Our first datacenter in the Raleigh, NC area we now use our Cary location primary as a network point of presence, with some low-density colocation options available.


  • Geographic location: Cary, NC (Raleigh metro area)
  • Purpose-built building for critical data processing/call center
  • 24” raised floor on concrete slab
  • Not susceptible to flooding
  • Roof access


  • Overhead and underfloor smoke detectors
  • Halon 1301 suppression system
  • Dual action dry-pipe interlock


  • Proximity card system
  • Video surveillance
  • Locking server racks


  • Redundant, diverse fiber entrances
  • Internet bandwidth with multiple upstream providers
  • BGP failover
  • IPv4 + native IPv6 dual stack network
  • Separate, private network for backup traffic


  • Dual power feeds from separate substations
  • 1.7MW diesel generator
  • Underground fuel tank, 48 hour capacity
  • UPS system with redundant battery strings
  • 208V and 120V available


  • Redundant CRAH systems
  • Humidity control
  • Temperature monitoring

Use our looking glass to perform traceroutes, test latency, and more.