Stop — and for moment think about the advantages virtual hosting and IaaS can bring to your organization.


Deploying servers where you need them in moments. Using virtualization to use the kernel of your choice. Hundreds of application and operating system images ready for instant installation to your server, whenever and wherever you need them.


However, other advantages may not be so obvious — such as voice over IP. Host Virtual offers VOIP solutions for our users based on Freeswitch and Asterisk (among others).


In the last 15 years, telephony has undergone a major revolution. The sexier facet of this change has been in the mobile space, with the rapid acceptance of cell phones and, more recently, smartphones. But with the ubiquity of the internet, even the service for office phones have undergone substantial change.


By changing from a POTS system to premise-based VOIP system, many businesses have seen their phone bills drop and services that were expensive, such as international calling, drop to a fraction of what it used to cost.


But with the shift to cloud-based VOIP, which can be facilitated by cloud-based hosting and IaaS, even more savings can be realized by businesses, including the elimination of dedicated equipment and on-premises IT support. Hosted VOIP systems require little of no capital expenditures. For reasons that will be discussed, it meets the requirements for being funded out an operating expense budget.


Locating your VOIP service in the cloud allows expandability. While legacy telephony and premises-based VOIP solutions are locked into the kinds of features they offer, cloud-based services can offer tools that offer business intelligence (or big data) about your customers. New services can be introduced and older ones refined, without the need for upgrading any VOIP equipment in your office.


Legacy premises-based VOIP solutions meant that telephone service could fail as a result of equipment. However, with a cloud-based VOIP service, telephone service genuinely becomes a service. Data centers around the world provide redundant, always-on reliability (as long as the broadband connection is working). Functionality that can’t be offered with traditional services, like web-based or soft phones accessible through mobile devices, laptops and wifi, can turn any location into an office with cloud-based VOIP services — even for remote or home-based workers.


For these reasons, cloud computing, cloud hosting and cloud VOIP services delivers the latest communications technology that’s on a constant upgrade path with features that were once too expensive, or not possible, for small businesses prior to their introduction and offers larger businesses the ability to scale and offer features like never before.


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