San Jose, CA (PRWEB) February 15, 2012
Shortly after completing an upgrade to its London, UK cloud, Host Virtual is pleased to announce that it has completed upgrades on its sister site in Amsterdam.
“As our first cloud location in the EU, Amsterdam has seen consistent upgrades and investments,” said Sandy Bhargavi, Sr. Vice President, Operations. “The Amsterdam Cloud really embodies our strategy of going into premier carrier hotels and peering exchanges to provide the lowest latency services to our customers.”
The Host Virtual Cloud in Amsterdam is especially important with its low latency peering and connectivity to the AMS-IX, which connects over 396 members on 684 ports passing 1.2TBit/s of data in 2011, making it the second largest Internet exchange in the world.
Host Virtual also provides low latency clouds in London and Paris, giving customers in the EU excellent options for low latency, redundant services.
The Host Virtual, Inc cloud allows customers to easily deploy over 150 Linux, FreeBSD and VOIP images in just a few minutes, with native dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support to any of its 11 worldwide locations.
About Host Virtual, Inc.
Host Virtual, Inc. is a cloud hosting provider that operates dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 IaaS clouds worldwide. Built around scalability, self-service and ease of use, Host Virtual customers can deploy Linux, VOIP or FreeBSD servers to any location within minutes. Free from the hassle of complicated, pay-per-minute or per-resource plans, Host Virtual customers can deploy to any of its cloud locations with unlimited usage for a low, flat monthly fee starting at under $10 per month.
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