San Jose, CA & Hong Kong, HK (PRWEB) April 11, 2012
Host Virtual, Inc. (Host Virtual) is pleased to announce it has expanded its Hong Kong Cloud presence with HKNet Company Limited (HKNet), a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications, to continue providing best in class ICT solutions to Hong Kong and Mainland China customers.
HKNet provides premium datacenter services for Host Virtual’s physical presence in Hong Kong. In addition to being carrier neutral, HKNet provides premium bandwidth and IP transit services for the China market. Backed by NTT Communications Tier 1 IP backbone, HKNet’s IPv6/IPv4 connectivity enables one single access circuit, ensuring seamless transition to IPv6.
“We’re happy to continue our expansion within HKNet facilities,” said Ms Sandy Bhargavi, Senior Vice President of Operations for Host Virtual, Inc. “As a newcomer to the Hong Kong market we needed a strong partner to work with and HKNet has been invaluable in helping us manage our rapid growth in the region.”
“Using HKNet services and facilities, including their carrier class co-location and IP transit solutions, which provides the ability to connect to any network in Hong Kong, we are able to deliver low latency services throughout Asia,” continued Ms Sandy Bhargavi.
HKNet is dedicated to developing world-class Information and communications technology (ICT) solutions for the commercial market. The company’s core ICT services include IP connectivity, data centre, cloud hosting, cloud applications, managed services, and integrated solutions.
“We’ve been pleased to work with Host Virtual, Inc. on their expansion in our datacenters and highly available connectivity service,” said Mr Taylor Man, Executive Vice President, New Business Division of HKNet. As the forerunner of datacenter services in Hong Kong, HKNet is well poised to offer ICT services to companies expanding into the Asia Market. We are looking forward to continued growth with Host Virtual, Inc.”
The Host Virtual, Inc. Cloud allows customers to easily deploy over 150 Linux, FreeBSD, VOIP and Hosting appliances in just a few minutes, with native dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support to any of its 11 worldwide locations. Combined with advanced tools and services, such as BGP AnyCast, Load Balancing, and worldwide CDN support Host Virtual provides a seamless Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) base for customers.
About Host Virtual, Inc.
Host Virtual, Inc. is a cloud hosting provider that operates dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 IaaS clouds worldwide. Built around scalability, self-service and ease of use, Host Virtual customers can deploy Linux, VOIP or FreeBSD servers to any location within minutes. Free from the hassle of complicated, pay-per-minute or per-resource plans, Host Virtual customers can deploy to any of its cloud locations with unlimited usage for a low, flat monthly fee starting at under $10 per month.
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About HKNet Company Limited (HKNet)
Founded in 1994, HKNet Company Limited (HKNet) is one of the Hong Kong’s Internet Service Provider pioneers. In 2000, HKNet became a subsidiary of NTT Communications and is dedicated to developing world-class ICT solutions for the commercial market. Operated by NTT Com Asia, HKNet leverages the expertise, global technology and network of the group and is committed to helping China’s enterprises develop their business around the world.
HKNet’s core ICT services include IP connectivity, data centre, hosting, hosted applications (SaaS), managed services, security and integrated IT solutions.
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Host Virtual藉HKNet支援 進一步拓展香港雲端市場

(香港 –  2012年4月12日)Host Virtual, Inc. (Host Virtual) 宣布透過NTT Communications旗下全資附屬公司HKNet 支援,進一步拓展香港雲端業務,為香港及中國內地客戶繼續提供頂尖的資訊及通訊科技(ICT)方案。

HKNet為Host Virtual位於香港的據點提供優質數據中心服務。HKNet既是網絡中立之數據中心,同時亦為中國市場提供卓越的頻寬及互聯網接駁服務。由NTT Communications Tier 1 IP環球骨幹網絡的支援下,HKNet利用單一接合點提供兼容IPv6/IPv4的網絡連接,確保平穩過渡至IPv6。

Host Virtual, Inc.高級營運副總裁Sandy Bhargavi小姐表示︰「我們很高興能利用HKNet的設施,進一步拓展業務。事實上,我們首次踏足香港市場,必需夥拍穩健的合作夥伴,而HKNet的服務周全,為我們管理區內迅速增長的業務提供無可比擬的幫助。」

Sandy Bhargavi小姐補充︰「憑藉HKNet的服務及設施,包括其網絡運營商級的托管及互聯網接駁服務解決方案,讓我們能夠接駁香港任何網絡,為亞洲提供低時延的網絡服務。」


HKNet業務創展部執行副總裁文泰來先生表示︰「我們很高興配合Host Virtual, Inc. 的業務發展計劃,提供數據中心及高可用性的互聯網接駁服務。作為香港數據中心服務的先驅,HKNet的ICT服務正蓄勢待發,全力協助環球客戶拓展亞洲市場。我們期待與Host Virtual, Inc.繼續攜手發展。」

Host Virtual, Inc.的雲端運算服務在全球11個地點提供IPv4及IPv6雙疊層的網絡接駁,讓客戶只需數分鐘便能輕鬆部署超過150種Linux、FreeBSD、VOIP及托管設備。配合先進的工具及服務,如BGP AnyCast、負載均衡,以及環球內容分發網絡支援,Host Virtual為客戶提供無間的基礎設施即服務之基礎。




關於 Host Virtual, Inc.

Host Virtual, Inc.是雲端托管服務供應商,在世界各地提供IPv4及IPv6 雙疊的IaaS(基礎設施即服務)雲端服務。憑藉可擴展性、自助服務及簡便易用,Host Virtual的客戶只需數分鐘就能部署任何地點的Linux、VOIP或FreeBSD伺服器。收費不會按分鐘或按資源計劃複雜計算,Host Virtual的客戶可無限使用任何雲端地點服務,定額月費更低至10美元起。

有關雲端托管服務或Host Virtual, Inc.的香港雲端VPS托管服務及虛擬服務的其他資料,請瀏覽



HKNet始創於1994年,是香港互聯網服務的先驅。HKNet於2000年成爲NTT Communications之子公司,致力拓展

商用市場,為企業研發具國際水準之ICT解決方案。在NTT Com Asia的管理下,HKNet揉合母公司豐富的業內經驗、



HKNet的核心業務包括互聯網接駁服務、數據中心、托管方案、應用托管服務 (SaaS) 、管理式服務、網絡安全及綜