Enhancing worldwide connectivity and increasing network capacity at its existing US, European and Australian data centers, Host Virtual POPs now number 25.

Host Virtual, a leader in global cluster, cloud computing and Anycast solutions, increases its global footprint with additional POPs and availability zones, which now total 25 in the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania regions.The expanded POP and data centers availability can be found in San Jose, Dallas, Ashburn, Raleigh, in the US, and Karlsruhe in Germany. This follows capacity improvements in Host Virtual’s data centers located in Miami, Frankfurt, Bucharest, and Sydney.

“Organizations and developers looking for multi-regional and multi-content deployments at a global scale, will find that we offer the best services at competitive prices,” said Sandy Bhargavi, Host Virtuala’s Senior Vice President. “Our products range from cloud to colocation and metal as a service, as well as meet transport/connectivity needs and high performance expectations.”

Host Virtual is your trusted partner for global cluster deployments with Docker, Anycast, load balancing, network and worldwide content delivery network services, available with its cloud hosting infrastructure as a service, or IaaS. Host Virtual supports over 500 operating system templates deployed to its 25 locations around the world, and utilizes native dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6


Host Virtual offers a portfolio of enterprise products and services ranging from IaaS/cloud to dedicated servers, (or MaaS – Metal as a Service) to fully managed colocation and network services.

With 25-plus locations globally providing IaaS in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, Host Virtual is a leading BGP Anycast and cloud platform provider. Host Virtual is one of the most connected internet service providers worldwide, with direct access to over 2000 peers over IPv4 and next generation IPv6.

The Host Virtual platform allows globally-minded companies to go beyond pure CDN using BGP Anycast acceleration, to deliver and enhance applications at the edge. This translates to customers being able to scale globally with the best possible performance and access, while partnering with a local team of experts.