San Jose, CA (PRWEB) June 01, 2012

Companies that provide Internet services or require an online presence are advised to begin adopting IPv6 to ensure their products and online content will remain accessible as the world transitions to IPv6, the successor to the current Internet Protocol, IPv4.

World IPv6 Launch is in just under 1 week – officially launching on 6 June 2012. Organized by the Internet Society and building on the successful one-day World IPv6 Day event held on 8 June 2011, the launch represents a major milestone in the global deployment of IPv6.

IPv6 is critical to the Internet’s continued growth as a platform for innovation and economic development.

Host Virtual, Inc, a leading IPv6 Cloud provider with 11 worldwide, dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 locations covering the US, Europe, and Asia, has been enabling IPv6 customers since 2008, well before most providers were beginning their IPv6 implementations.

Every deployment to the Host Virtual cloud includes IPv6 connectivity at no charge so all Host Virtual customers are ready for World IPv6 Launch. For businesses and consumers ready to get started, an IPv6 capable server can be deployed to any of Host Virtual’s worldwide cloud locations for as little as $10/mo.

End users interested in learning more about their IPv6 connectivity can visit, a special IPv6 test site supported in part by Host Virtual that reports on an end users IPv6 readiness. A simpler version of the site is also available at


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Host Virtual, Inc. is a cloud hosting provider that operates dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 IaaS clouds worldwide. Built around scalability, self-service and ease of use, Host Virtual customers can deploy Linux, VOIP or FreeBSD servers to any location within minutes. Free from the hassle of complicated, pay-per-minute or per-resource plans, Host Virtual customers can deploy to any of its cloud locations with unlimited usage for a low, flat monthly fee starting at under $10 per month.

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