Equinix Internet Exchange Colocation, Bare Metal, & VMs

Whether you need 1u or full racks, we can get you deployed fast with direct access to:

  • Equinix Ashburn
  • Equinix Chicago
  • Equinix Dallas
  • Equinix Paris
  • Equinix San Jose
  • Equinix São Paulo
  • Equinix Singapore
  • Equinix Warsaw

Hardware-free options including virtual machines can provide a presence without the hassle of importing and configuring equipment.

Leverage Internet Exchange Points to Reduce Latency

If you are an IT leader operating a global network, you can solve numerous network challenges by peering with Internet Exchange Points. IXP peering gives your network more paths to local end users, helping to reduce latency and  reach local markets faster and more directly.

If your team can leverage IXPs effectively, your business can:

  • reach new global markets faster
  • improve application performance
  • boost resiliency
  • lower your overall connectivity costs

Check out our in-depth article to learn more about how IXPs can improve your network strategy.

Get Direct Access

To deploy high-performance resources with direct access to global internet exchange points, schedule a call with an engineer today.