Today comes the announcement that Ipv4 space has finally been exhausted.

Montevideo, 3 February 2011 – The Number Resource Organization (NRO) announced today that the free pool of available IPv4 addresses is now fully depleted. On Monday, January 31, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocated two blocks of IPv4 address space to APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific region, which triggered a global policy to allocate the remaining IANA pool equally between the five RIRs. Today IANA allocated those blocks. This means that there are no longer any IPv4 addresses available for allocation from the IANA to the five RIRs.

For more information about Ipv6, visit our site. We’ve been dual-stack since 2008, and all of our customers already enjoy native ipv4+ipv6 in all 7 of our worldwide locations.

The Host Virtual, Inc Team