Beginning in January of this year, we started offering IPv6 hosting for all Host Virtual customers. (Including our own site, which you may be reading via IPv6!)

The feature was in semi-beta – instances all have full IPv6 addresses, but they were auto assigned and not available via our web interface for management.

After testing and completing final upgrades, we’re pleased to announce the formal roll-out of dual-stack IPv6 and IPv6 services for all customers. We’re doing this in several phases:

  • New instances: Available immediately, all new instances have full IPv6 connectivity, as well as management. Your IPv6 address space will be available next to your IPv4 address in our vClient management portal.
  • Existing v2 instances: Your instance already has full, IPv6 connectivity. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding the ability for you to manage your IPv6 address space via our vClient management portal.
  • Existing v1 instances: Your instance has full IPv6 connectivity. However, we are not upgrading management features for our v1 platform. If you are on v1, contact us to find out how you can migrate to v2 at no cost.

With IPv4 space running out – an estimated two years or less of space remain – our service is an excellent way to get ahead of the curve. Make your site available via IPv6 – or use an instance to test your own companies IPv6 infrastructure.

Get rid of those messy tunnels or use an instance to build out your own.

We’ll be posting much more about IPv6 in the future. You can also read more about IPv6 Hosting on our site.

the Host Virtual Team