Is Your Network/Hardware Infrastructure Flexible Enough Respond to Today’s Evolving Security Threats?

Recently, the world learned about Spectre/Meltdown, a significant vulnerability in the Intel/x86 architecture that can allow major compromise of operating systems via the code running on the physical chips. One potential fix is also a difficult one for businesses with many servers, locations and services – replacement of physical CPUs.

At NetActuate, we’ve been hearing a lot from our customers about Spectre/Meltdown. One CTO recently contacted us, asking about the feasibility of changing 30% of their hardware to non-Intel based processors to mitigate future risk – which we were happy to say we could do.

The bespoke nature of NetActuate’s service allows us to respond to requests like these quickly and efficiently, where other providers are often constrained by their own infrastructure and platform choices.

When considering solutions for networking or hosting, people often think it’s enough to be simply “in the cloud” or “on a server.” Many companies designing new applications that touch cloud services or pushing to redesign their applications, are able to utilize powerful new modern architecture such as hybrid cloud, immutable design and microservices.

While these tremendously powerful tools that are changing the way companies design and build their systems, they can also introduce risk. Unanticipated issues can arise, such as escalating costs for resources (to double or triple the cost of other solutions), or exposure to critical vulnerabilities, such as the Intel Spectre/Meltdown.

The discovery of the Spectre/Meltdown vulnerability is a great reminder to carefully consider everything about your infrastructure from the ground up. When security and reliability are critical, it’s important to take a deeper look at what hardware your applications are running on, and what your risk exposure could be if security flaws are uncovered.

Utilizing modern architecture approaches, such as hybrid cloud and modern DevOps practices can be fast, powerful, and easy to deploy. However, to ensure business continuity after launch, you need to consider the potential risks at all levels, and partner with a provider that has the flexibility and expertise to respond effectively.

At NetActuate, we bring decades of experience to our customers, providing effective solutions to problems just like this. Our clients trust us to have the tools and knowledge required to evaluate risk and be proactive when issues arise.

By building and managing some of the most complex infrastructure in the world today, and processing billions of requests every day, we are constantly growing the skills and expertise we provide as a trusted technology partner.

Every day, our partners rely on us to skillfully manage and troubleshoot our own platform and data centers as well as hybrid services from Amazon, Google, Azure, and beyond.

If you or your provider aren’t considering the full stack from the hardware up, you may be caught up short when new vulnerabilities are discovered. Let our experts ensure your infrastructure is ready for the future by contacting us or calling +1 800-419-COLO.

Partner with NetActuate today, and let us consider the full stack for you. Even better, we can also provide you flexibility in:

  • Geography – 67+ physical datacenters located in all major markets
  • Network – dedicated transport, ip transit, diverse paths, IX and cloud access
  • Hybrid Colocation – dedicated custom cages/cabinets, hardware and more
  • Services – BGP anycast, compute, ssl offload
  • Management – a skilled DevOps teams to manage/monitor and deliver services