NetActuate announces today that it has joined the exclusive AMS-IX Partner Program. AMS-IX interconnects 900+ IP networks, 80% of which are from outside the Netherlands, making it the most international IX in the world. NetActuate is now certified to provide AMS-IX connectivity, so clients can access a rapidly-growing international market without deploying their own network locally.

“We are pleased to offer streamlined, reliable and affordable connectivity to one of the largest internet exchange in the world,” said Mark Price, President of NetActuate. “By being a partner of AMS-IX, we now have enhanced capabilities for helping customers globally with network connectivity and infrastructure expansion.”

Through NetActuate’s partnership with AMS-IX, businesses with a European footprint can now easily and affordably extend their reach. With NetActuate, global businesses can now connect directly to AMS-IX and establish peering with all connected AMS-IX networks, without having to plan for and invest in physical infrastructure.

“As AMS-IX, we are very satisfied with the partnership with NetActuate. Our partner program enables NetActuate to further expand their portfolio of offerings with AMS-IX connectivity. We are world’s leading internet exchange with a large and diverse number of connected networks. This makes AMS-IX a unique platform to peer and exchange traffic with” says Jesse Robbers, CCO of AMS-IX.

Businesses in London, Hong Kong or Los Angeles that need connectivity to Amsterdam can easily provision access and deliver ports to NetActuate’s suite of hybrid cloud services, including private and multi-tenant cloud, dedicated bare metal, colocation, BGP anycast and SDN.