NetActuate engineers have announced completion of upgrades in their Johannesburg, South Africa data center. The new BGP anycast platform is also now available from Johannesburg which allows for easier and automated management of network services.

As part of a strategic upgrade to their global footprint, NetActuate engineers have just completed a major expansion in their Johannesburg data center. The expansion has increased Africa-based service capacity for virtual machines, bare metal, and high bandwidth connectivity. The anycast platform node in Johannesburg has also been upgraded to enable faster, automated management of network services. 

“More users are coming online in Africa every day, and demand across our Africa footprint is growing,” said Mark Mahle, CEO of NetActuate. 

NetActuate’s recent 2023 ITDM Global Network and Infrastructure Outlook Report found that 90% of IT decision-makers plan to expand their footprint in the next year or two. 84% of those with expansion plans will add points of presence in global markets outside of the US, with 7% planning to deploy to Africa this year.

NetActuate’s Johannesburg data center is strategically located in Ekurhuleni, a major trade and industry hub. Johannesburg is home to Africa’s largest stock exchange (JSE), as well as numerous multinational corporations. NetActuate’s Johannesburg facility is protected by redundant, best-in-class power infrastructure and security measures, including biometric access and 24 x 7 video surveillance.

In this facility, customers can benefit from direct access to NAPAfrica, the largest internet exchange on the African continent. Direct connectivity to Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Azure is also available from this location.

NetActuate’s Johannesburg data center is certified compliant for PCI DSS, ISO 2700, ISO 9001. Customers can leverage NetActuate’s cross-border expertise in shipping and customs for redundant, secure colocation of equipment. NetActuate’s experienced 24×7 NOC and local technicians are available to provide remote hands and expert support.

Providers can easily deploy and expand their global presence on NetActuate’s anycast delivery platform, built on one of the largest peered IPv4 and IPv6 networks in the world. Purpose built to deliver low latency and high reliability across diverse global markets, NetActuate’s anycast platform is available in over 40 US and global locations, with simple, predictable monthly pricing.

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NetActuate is a leading provider of highly available, low latency custom network and infrastructure services that reach every major global market. From the data center to the last mile, we help providers take their products and services to the global edge faster. Our customers can rapidly scale without fear of high costs or devastating performance issues. We built one of the world’s largest global networks by number of peers, and it serves as the foundation for our performance BGP anycast platform that powers over 25 billion transactions a day.  

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