NetActuate, a leading provider of global infrastructure and network services, has just completed a second expansion of services at its Tokyo data center. Tokyo is now the second location to offer the upgraded anycast platform experience that enables simpler and automated management of network services. 

“Our Tokyo data center has been a key part of our global footprint since 2018.” said Mark Mahle, CEO of NetActuate. “With more of our customers deploying in Tokyo to reach regional markets, this upgrade and expansion will ensure they can scale and grow quickly.”

NetActuate’s Tokyo data center is located in a major hub for international business and trade. It provides low latency access to adjacent Asian markets, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore. Customers in this location gain access to one of the largest digital ecosystems in Asia, including a wide range of cloud services, IT, content and media services, financial services, enterprises, and network services. 

This facility features state-of-the-art security and operating standards, and is certified compliant for SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, and the FISC Security Guidelines on Computer Systems for Banking and Related Financial Institutions. In addition, NetActuate’s Tokyo data center offers direct access to major internet and peering exchanges, including BBIX, JPNAP, JPIX and Equinix Internet Exchange MLPE. 

Providers can easily deploy and expand their global presence on NetActuate’s anycast delivery platform, built on one of the largest peered IPv4 and IPv6 networks in the world. Purpose built to deliver low latency and high reliability across diverse global markets, NetActuate’s upgraded anycast platform is now available in Madrid and Tokyo, and very soon in over 40 US and global locations, with simple, predictable monthly pricing.

To learn more about NetActuate’s services from Tokyo, please schedule a call with a solution specialist by calling +1-919-381-5400 or visiting

About NetActuate

NetActuate is a global SWAT team of engineers that builds infrastructure at scale. Operating the world’s second largest global network by number of peers, the NetActuate platform helps providers get closer to their end users – no matter where they are. Available from over 40 locations worldwide, our managed network and infrastructure services simplify and accelerate the global distribution of online applications and SaaS platforms. Learn more today at +1-919-381-5400 or at To learn more about BGP anycast and how it can help reduce latency across diverse global markets, visit NetActuate’s anycast information resource site at